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We have a lot to say about cable.

And cable has few things to say about us, too.

Adam Naide

SWIRE pressed the limits of a traditional Twitter follow-and-retweet campaign to help us develop our successful Cox Trivia Giveaway, which led our company to receive over 7,100 registered accounts...From the initial concept to final reporting, SWIRE worked closely with our team to ensure we achieved the results we were looking for.

Adam Naide Social Media and Digital Marketing Leader at Cox Communications
Adam Naide

SWIRE is a great agency to work with. They go above and beyond on every project. Their experience and expertise in the cable industry makes them a valuable partner, particularly their capabilities in customer acquisition, retention and lifecycle management.

Martin Jones Internet Marketing Manager - Social Media at Cox Communications
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Cable isn't dead.

But the way it's marketed is about to flat-line.

Last we checked, the cable industry was selling products that people really, really, want:

  • A huge variety of instantly accessible entertainment
  • Internet service/ISP
  • A variety of phone services

FACT: The average US household spent nearly one-third of its total waking hours consuming ad-supported Cable TV brands in 2011.

FACT: A new study from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press shows that cable television remains the most-watched source of 2012 Presidential election news.

FACT: People may not remember what cable company they have half the time, but they know that they have access to content that they love.

FACT: Cable is not dead. Period.

The Main Challenges FacingThe Cable Industry.

Some say it's a lack of direction.

As this chart illustrates, however, the direction for cable subscribers is crystal clear.
And that's just in 3 months*.

Cable System Chart

*Jun. 2011 - Sep. 2011

What people are sayingabout cable.

Hmmm. How to put this tactfully?

Let's Start with perception.

(Note: These are comments actually made by customers. Of course, we think you're swell.)

  • You screw things up.
  • You are a bunch of old suits in glass towers.
  • You are uncaring and difficult to deal with.
  • You have too many departments doing too many things.
  • Few customers actually like or trust you.
  • People are confused by your marketing.
  • Your product is too expensive.
  • You are entertainment for old people.*

Now for the reality.

You make life more fun, more creative and much easier.

*Sorry. We know that last one especially hurts. We also know it is not true. But it is what people think. For the stats, contact David Parsons at 626-963-0693 Ext.702. Then after he shares the harsh truth, he will be happy to buy you a stiff drink, which you may well need at that point. But you will learn something valuable. And it will definitely be worth it.

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The Swire Solution.

We'd rather shape change than just respond to it.

Did you hear about the latest app for (fill in the blank)? How about that new site for (fill in the blank)? Or the new blog from (fill in the blank)?

Well, let us tell you about it. Keeping up with the latest innovations can be challenging. But it is a challenge we live and breathe. New tools? New technologies? It is all in a day's work.

It is a connected age. People expect answers NOW. They want more transparency, and the sooner the better. Social Media is the best way to respond to them in real time today, but that could change tomorrow. Rest assured, if it does, we will let you know.

The Swire Solution.

We believe in the greatness of cable.
And no. we're not just yanking yours.

Cable is great because you sell Fun. Excitement.
Adventure. Information. You help people get the most out
of their imaginations and curiosity by enabling and empowering
them to communicate, run effective businesses, and remain up to speed with new technologies. What's not to love about that?

Also, staying home is cheaper
than dinner and a movie.

Yeah, that's a reality check. It's simple math. Less effort. More choices. Thousands more. In HD. In your own home. On multiple devices. So there. Cable Rules.

The Swire Solution.

Endless Details. Finite Resources.
What's a caring cable executive to do?

Five words for ya'. Don't. Sweat. The. Small. Stuff.

Do—take the time to Develop, Refine and Execute a true vision for your brand. One that meaningfully differentiates you from your competitor. It is a proven strategy. And one that we would love to talk about with you. Maybe over an endless cup of Starbucks. Until then, here are some thoughts on getting started.

Swire Solutions

  • Step back. Examine how you communicate to your customers and how you are perceived.
    Then analyze it from both a traditional and new media standpoint.
  • Create a more positive experience for your customers, beginning with your installers and Customer Service reps. It could be as simple as answering calls faster—using actual people.
  • Tell your customers the truth. All the time. No hype. No over-promise. No under-delivery.
  • Make cable cooler. How? Cooler advertising. More social features to reach a younger demographic. Develop a main message and brand image that's consistent across all markets.
  • Leverage the local factor wisely. Always have a local option (i.e. Internet) that is consistent across markets.
  • Stay current on technology.

The Swire Solution.

Cable subscriber's life cycle.

Customer Life Cycle Diagram

At SWIRE, we have dealt with:

Every stage. Every demographic. Every attitude. Every size cable company. In every type of economy. With every marketing tool available. Every day for the past 7 years.
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Swire. The Journey.

You'd probably like to hear who we are.

The facts about Swire.

And why you should care.

  • We have helped overcome virtually every marketing challenge
    a cable CMO could ever face—from huge MSOs like Cox to regional systems like Shentel.
  • Extensive knowledge of what is happening in cable today.
    And what's coming down tomorrow.
  • Insights to augment your own brainpower and abilities—
    not drain them.
  • An ally. A resource. A secret weapon. Call it what you will.
    And call 626-963-0693 Ext.702.

Swire. The Journey.

We started out in Founder/President Zack Swire's garage. Even with the exhaust fumes, our direct mail outperformed our competitors'.

This led to explorations in Loyalty Marketing - how we incentivize customers, tie in analytics, tie in budget, and more. We learned how to be more strategic and target more effectively. By analyzing and identifying the customers who are most likely to leave, we focused on churn reduction. Along the way, we saved a client $2.5 million in acquisition dollars.

Next, we layered in Redemption Microsites and challenged existing Offer Redemption. Once again, we succeeded—this time with up to 18% offer redemption tied into direct mail. The norm is less than 1%. Best Practices? Yes, we have those.

More recently, we started COX Watch Parties, where we are getting people engaged real time with compelling content. We have created a content hub to gain all the information from subscribers' and leads' social networks. We know exactly who these people are. And we can help you use this information to drive sales.

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Our Work.

What can we do for you?
That's the 2.5 million dollar question.

Our customer lifecycle management process is a proven idea that has helped one client save $2.5 million dollars. We can use it to help you, too.

You'll find examples like that and more in the following work samples. Look them over. Let's talk.


Mark Award Winner Mark Award Winner




Mark Award Winner Mark Award Winner




Say hello to Zack.

Zack is a passionate developer in digital marketing and social media with years of experience in traditional, print, and marketing strategy. He is committed to helping businesses pioneer new ways to promote good and truly make the world a better place while still increasing sales and profits. As a devoted father of triplets, his work on the home front is equally challenging—and every bit as fun.

Throughout his career, Zack has linked up with like-minded, top-notch professionals who combine years of experience with a wide variety of brands. We look forward to working with you sometime soon.


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